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Which is Best for Me: Veneers or Direct Bonding?

November 22, 2022

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Man holding a palette of veneers

Modern cosmetic dentistry can work miracles. If you have a problem with your teeth that’s been bothering you, an experienced dentist can fix it. The question is no longer whether you can address an issue, but how you want to. If you’re researching cosmetic procedures, you might be wondering about the difference between veneers and direct bonding. Both can produce impressive results, but each is better at treating certain dental problems. Here’s a short guide that can help you figure out which is best for you.


What’s the Difference Between Dental Crowns and Fillings?

September 2, 2022

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person wondering about the difference between dental crowns and fillings

If you’ve ever had a decayed or damaged tooth that was treated by a dentist, you may have had a crown or a filling placed. Dental crowns and dental fillings are both treatments that are used to repair damaged teeth. though they may seem like very similar restorations on the surface, there are some important ways that they differ. Read on to learn about the difference between dental crowns and fillings.



Will Nitrous Oxide Make Me Sleep? Here’s What to Expect

August 31, 2022

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woman thinking about nitrous oxide in Brampton

While dental checkups and cleanings are essential for your oral health, it can be difficult to seek care if you feel anxious about your visit. If you also tend to have head, neck, or jaw pain or require lengthy dental treatment, then you might consider getting nitrous oxide sedation. With this therapy, you can feel calmer and more relaxed throughout your appointment. But will this solution also put you to sleep? Read on to learn what you should expect!


4 Essential Dental Hygiene Tips For Seniors

August 22, 2022

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Preserving our pearly whites typically becomes increasingly important the older we get. If youmature man practicing dental hygiene tips in Brampton’re a senior, you may be more vulnerable to issues like root decay, dry mouth, and tooth loss. For this reason, you’ll want to practice certain preventive measures to protect your oral health. Read on to learn four dental hygiene tips to help you maintain your pearly whites during your golden years!


5 Cosmetic Benefits of Dental Implants

July 8, 2022

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Man smiling with dental implantsIf you’re missing teeth, you know just how difficult it can be to complete daily tasks, like eating, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence. Tooth loss can take away from your appearance and therefore your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a variety of tooth replacement options out there that can help, like dental implants. Continue reading to learn about some of the different cosmetic benefits of dental implants.


Will Keeping a Sleep Diary Help Diagnose Sleep Apnea?

June 4, 2022

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Woman writing in her sleep diary.Every night, millions of people miss out on countless hours of sleep because of sleep apnea—and even worse, many more cases go undiagnosed! However, sleep apnea can do more than cause you to miss out on rest; it can lead to serious health problems if left untreated! That said, if you believe that you’re suffering from sleep apnea, receiving a diagnosis and seeking treatment should be your top priority; and keeping a sleep diary can assist you with this! Continue reading to learn more about how your dentist thinks this practice might be the first step towards getting a good night’s rest.


3 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time for Teeth Whitening

May 29, 2022

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person smiling on beach after undergoing teeth whitening

For many people, summer marks the end of a long year of work and tests and the beginning of a much-needed vacation. Whether you have the entire season off or just a few weeks to bathe in the sun or take refuge in a cooler climate, you’ll likely want to take photos to document your summer adventures. When you look back on all the fun you had, don’t you want to have a gorgeous, healthy-looking grin? Read on to learn about three reasons why summer is the perfect time to undergo a teeth whitening treatment.


The Top 5 Benefits of a Smile Makeover

April 20, 2022

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woman smiling in BramptonAre you unhappy with your teeth? Many people wish they had a Hollywood smile they can be proud to show off. Fortunately, you can achieve this with the help of your dentist and their various cosmetic dental treatments. Read on to learn how a smile makeover can benefit you more than simply creating brighter pearly whites!


What Causes a Bad Taste in the Mouth?

February 11, 2022

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man with bad taste in the mouth in BramptonYou’re about to go on a night out with friends, you’ve brushed and flossed, and you even used mouthwash. So why is there still a bitter taste in your mouth? If this has been happening to you constantly, it could be a sign that you have a serious oral health issue. Read on to learn five causes for a bad taste in the mouth in Brampton and why you should see your dentist right away.


4 Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

January 20, 2022

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person with dentures smilingWhether you’re missing multiple pearly whites or don’t have any left, dentures are an excellent way to replace them. They can help you maintain your facial shape, give you back some of your bite power, and fill in the gaps in your smile. As helpful as dentures are, how can you know how much they’re going to cost? Read on to learn about four factors that affect the cost of dentures.



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