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Can Alloderm Gum Grafting Benefit Your Smile?

April 11, 2022

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Gum grafting (or gingival grafting) is a procedure performed to reduce or eliminate areas of gum recession by placing gum tissue overtop that will slowly heal the area. The gum tissue can be sourced in several different ways. Commonly, tissue was harvested from the roof of the mouth to be used for the recession site. This method causes an incision site on the roof of the mouth that can be painful and take time to heal. Alternatively, Alloderm gum grafting takes donor tissue that is altered in a lab to be used for the site of recession, significantly reducing pain and improving healing time.

What Causes Gum Recession 

  • Aggressive tooth brushing/ brushing with a hard toothbrush 
  • Clenching and grinding (causing excessive forces on the teeth)
  • Malocclusion and crooked teeth (causing a traumatic bite and therefore extreme forces on the teeth) 
  • Frenum pulls (the connective tissue that comes down too far to the teeth)
  • Trauma (injuries, piercings, habits) 
  • Genetic predisposition 

Why is Gum Grafting Necessary? 

Gum grafting is the only way to replace gum tissue that has been lost to gum recession. The gum level is necessary to keep the teeth healthy and stable. Without protective gum tissue, certain parts of the tooth will be exposed to foods and liquids that may cause erosion or accelerated wearing away of the tooth structure. As well, when too much gum tissue is lost, teeth may become sensitive to temperature changes and when eating certain foods.

What is Alloderm? 

Alloderm tissue comes from a tissue bank. The tissue is sterilized, purified and processed. The tissue matrix is processed to allow the recipient’s cells and tissue to grow and heal into the matrix. For around six months, the entire donor matrix is replaced with the receiver’s cells, and the original matrix is completely expelled from the body. 

Benefits of Alloderm 

  • Improved healing time 
  • More predictable and cosmetically appealing outcome 
  • No painful harvesting site from extracted tissue on the roof of the mouth 

If you believe you may benefit from Alloderm gum grafting or have any questions about it, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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