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How to Keep Baby Teeth Healthy

July 5, 2021

Did you know that baby teeth are essential for many reasons, including health, function and aesthetics? It is important to help keep your child’s baby teeth healthy and cavity-free. Baby teeth lost premature, either to cavities, infection or trauma, can lead to problems with the positioning and health of the future adult teeth. 

Importance of Baby Teeth 

– Help with talking, chewing, smiling, speaking and confidence 

– Are used by the future adult teeth as placeholders, meaning the adult teeth use the roots of the baby teeth to guide them into the correct position 

– Prevent shifting of adjacent and opposing teeth, meaning if a baby tooth is lost premature, the surrounding teeth can shift and affect the bite 

– Healthy, cavity-free baby teeth prevent infection and unnecessary pain for your child

How to Prevent Cavities in Baby Teeth 

– Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they erupt (usually between 6-10 months, the lower two front teeth will erupt)

– Always clean your baby’s teeth/mouth after nursing and after bottles of milk 

– Never give your baby anything in a bottle aside from milk or water 

– Never dip your baby’s pacifier in anything sweet 

– Brush your baby/child’s teeth at least twice a day

– Start flossing around age 4, once a day 

– Help your child with brushing and flossing until around the age of 8

– Reduce intake of gummy, sticky or chewy sugary foods such as candies, granola bars and dried fruit 

– Have your child use a fluoride toothpaste beginning around the age of 3

– Take your child for routine dental visits for their check-ups and cleanings 

– Avoid using gummy vitamins. They have lots of sugar and get stuck in their teeth. Try finding sugar free daily vitamins or use the crunchy kind 

– If your child is cavity prone, have them use xylitol products daily to help reduce the risk of future cavities 

– Raw apples, carrots and celery are great snacks to help cleanse teeth and reduce cavity risk 

If your child is due for their check-up and cleaning, or if you have any questions about how to keep their teeth healthy and cavity-free, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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