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The Importance of Brushing and Flossing Before Bed

March 16, 2020

woman flossing her teeth before bed brampton dentist

We all know that we brush and floss our teeth to remove plaque, keep our gums healthy and prevent cavities, but do we really know what plaque is? 

What is Dental Plaque? 


What is Tartar and how does it affect me?

June 6, 2016

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patient's tooth being polishedWe all know that we should brush and floss our teeth at least twice a day but some of us do not know all the reasons why it is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene. In addition to keeping your breath fresh, regular and proper oral health prevents plaque and tartar buildup. When you neglect to brush your teeth regularly, food debris is left behind on your teeth and in between the teeth. Plaque forms when certain foods that contain carbohydrates are left on the teeth due to improper oral hygiene. Over time this plaque will continue to build up and harden. Once it hardens, we refer to it as calculus or tartar.