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Why You Need To Brush Your Teeth Before Bed

March 2, 2021

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We all know the recommendation, brushing at least twice a day and always before bed. But do we all know why the essential toothbrushing time of the day is the one before bed? In this article, we will explore why brushing before bed is a must and the consequences of neglecting that nighttime brush.  


Tooth Cleaning Aids: How Can They Help You?

January 4, 2021

Below is a review of many different tooth cleaning aids that can be found in any standard drug store. Learn what they are used for and how they can help you take care of your teeth and gums. 


Learn All About Dental Tools That Clean Your Teeth Effectively

October 26, 2020

Manual Toothbrush – Manual toothbrushes come in either super soft, soft, medium or hard, and it is recommended never to use medium or hard because they are too abrasive on your teeth and gums. Make sure to change your manual toothbrush every three or so months or when the colour starts to fade from the bristles. 


The Importance of Brushing and Flossing Before Bed

March 16, 2020

woman flossing her teeth before bed brampton dentist

We all know that we brush and floss our teeth to remove plaque, keep our gums healthy and prevent cavities, but do we really know what plaque is? 

What is Dental Plaque? 


Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

January 20, 2020

Reduce/Eliminate a Soother and Thumb Sucking Habit 

Both a soother and finger or thumb sucking both cause suction and put pressure on the jaw, which is fragile while still growing. These habits can both cause the palate to rise and the upper jaw to become narrow, causing issues with the bite and the way the teeth close together. Often these habits at an early age can lead to the need for braces later on. Try to remove the soother around two years old and stop the finger/thumb sucking habit as soon as you notice it. 


Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy Between Dental Visits

September 3, 2018

smiling woman with nice teethEven though many people do not look forward to going to the dentist, having a dental cleaning is something that most patients want. We all love that fresh, clean mouth feeling right after a dental cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great to keep that feeling between dental visits? Follow these tips to keep your smile healthy until your next dental appointment.


Gum Recession. What Can I Do About It?

August 3, 2018

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Gum recession is when the edge of the gum tissue that covers the teeth shrinks or recedes.  When the gum recedes, it exposes more of the tooth. In severe cases, it exposes the tooth’s root as well. Once enough gum recession occurs, gaps form between the teeth and gum line that covers the tooth. These gaps or pockets provide an easy way for bacteria to build up.

While it is not a normal part of the aging process, gum recession is a common dental issue. Some are not aware they have receding gums because it usually occurs gradually.