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Learn About The Colours of Tooth Stains

June 25, 2020

fix brown yellow black tooth stains brampton dentist

Tooth stains can be broken down into two categories. The two categories are extrinsic staining, meaning on the outside surface of the teeth, and intrinsic staining, meaning inside the teeth. Extrinsic staining is removable staining and will come off at a regular dental cleaning. In contrast, intrinsic staining is permanent and can only be removed with whitening products that enter into the underlying tooth structure.


Learn About Dental Fluorosis

June 16, 2020

What Is It?

White marks on teeth due to dental fluorosis

Dental fluorosis is damage to the teeth caused by the consumption of too much fluoride while the teeth are forming. Fluorosis most commonly affects the adult teeth because they form at the pivotal time when a child begins using a fluoridated toothpaste for the first eight years of life. Once the teeth are formed and erupt into the mouth, they are no longer susceptible to fluorosis. 


How the Coronavirus Outbreak Affects Your Dentist

March 20, 2020

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person washing their hands

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it seems like businesses are closing left and right. Restaurants are only open for delivery or takeout and many non-essential companies have closed down. But how do these new practices affect your dentist? As it turns out, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) has put out a special order regarding what dentists should do during this pandemic. Continue reading to learn what it is, and how you can recognize and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.